Beatles on January 14, 1969

I’m cheating on this one.  The podcast actually starts with John and Yoko’s arrival late on January 13.  The conversation is intense.  Jan. 14 begins with one of Paul’s piano sessions, where he even plays a verse of “Woman,” which he wrote for Peter & Gordon. 

The Beatles don’t accomplish much on January 14 and even their conversations are not that interesting. It gives me an opportunity to share my thoughts on whether or not Yoko broke up the Beatles.  Check out Allyn Gibson’s comment on yesterday’s post for another interesting view on this subject.  Yes, I know it’s weird that someone could comment on a something before it’s posted. 


That’s Paul on guitar on John’s song “Madman” by the way.

This wraps up the first series of this podcast.  It will return on January 21 when the Beatles resume their sessions in their new basement studio.  I will find something to write about between now and then, so jump back here sometime.  Otherwise, I’ll see you next week.

Rock Dad out.

Beatles on January 13, 1969 Podcast

Here’s another look at the Beatles session from 40 years ago today. George quit the band Friday. Paul and Ringo fill in the director on what happened at the band meeting at Ringo’s house yesterday. The reason George left leads me to examine some of the (true?) myths about the Beatles’ final years. I’ll also see if I can put my foot in my mouth by talking about racism and sexism.

I need to introduce a few people not everyone has heard of:

Neil Aspinall – He was the Beatles’ first employee. They hired him to drive them around because he had a van. He stayed with them until last year, running Apple.
Michael Lindsay-Hogg – He was the director of Let It Be.
Mal Evans – He was the Beatles’ second employee, also from Liverpool. They wouldn’t have let him run something as complicated as Apple.

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Check back tomorrow for more discussions about what to do without George in the band. We also get to listen in on Paul as he fools around at the piano.