Beatles on January 22, 1969 podcast

40 years ago today, the Beatles continued to work on Let It Be.  The civil rights movement has been on our minds this week (in 2009) with the celebration of Martin Luther King day and Barack Obama’s inauguration.  The Beatles were thinking about Dr. King today in 1969.  We will hear some of that.  The Beatles good mood continues and the sessions get a big boost when Billy Preston arrives.  I will play you some of my favorite music from the entire month. 
Click here to listen. 

Come back tomorrow for more fun, including a version of the first song John Lennon ever heard Paul McCartney play.

Rock Dad out.


The Beatles on January 21, 1969 Podcast

All four Beatles returned to work on January 21, 1969.  Billy Preston gets credit for lightening their moods but the greatly improved atmosphere is evident today.  Billy won’t turn up until tomorrow afternoon.   John gives a crap, George isn’t so cranky, Paul is less bossy, and the little Ringo says is good-natured.

The existence of this session was overlooked until a few years ago.  I will tell you the story of how this happened because it is a good illustration of how knowledge advances. Continue reading