Beatles on January 29, 1969 podcast

Today is the last day before the famous Apple rooftop concert.  Apart from some complaining from Paul in the morning, there isn’t a whole lot of action today.  This will give us a little time to compare the Beatles productivity in January 1969 to other periods of their career.   George presents another new song.  Paul adds some cool vocals that make me wish the Beatles had recorded more of George’s good songs. 

Check it out and come back soon for the rooftop concert.


Beatles on January 28, 1969 podcast

In a way, this is the worst day of 1969 for the Beatles.  Satan appears.  Listen to the podcast and you’ll find out who I’m talking about.

Rock Dad is about to take a step up in the blogging world.  My Beatles stuff has found a new home.  I’ll tell you where it is when it’s live.