Beatles on January 9, 1969 Podcast

Let’s take a look at what the Beatles did 40 years ago today.  Paul frequently spent the first part of the session alone at the piano.  Today is a great example of Paul’s solo piano sessions.  Something happend at these sessions that gave the impression that the Beatles were racist.  We will examine these events in context.  We will also see why George might feel excluded by John and Paul, so it won’t be a surprise when he drops a bomb tomorrow.  Come back tomorrow for the most dramatic day of the sessions.

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Beatles on January 7, 1969 Podcast

Here is the lowdown on the Beatles’ rehearsal session 40 years ago today.  January 7, 1969 is probably most interesting because the song “Get Back” develops out of an improvisation.  Most of the songs from these sessions were written by one of the Beatles at home and presented to the band in rehearsal.   Get Back actually develops before our ears.  If you like that song, you’ll really like this podcast.

Some of George’s comments may surprise you. 

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Come back tomorrow to check in on the Beatles as they rehearse two of George’s songs.  If you’re lucky, I’ll include a great version of “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window.”

Beatles on January 6, 1969 podcast

What were the Beatles up to 40 years ago today?  They were still trying to make some decisions about their upcoming TV special.  They also rehearsed songs for that TV special.  Paul and George have a heart-to-heart talk.

The slightly effeminate male voice you hear twice in the podcast belongs to director Michael Lindsay-Hogg.  He directed the promotional films for “Hey Jude” and “Revolution” in 1968.  He tends to talk more than John and Ringo. 

Many Beatles scholars refer to this aborted TV special that became the Let It Be album and film as the Get Back project.  Get Back was the working title of the album.  I’m going to refer to it as Let It Be because that is the name more people will recognize.  I don’t want casual fans to think I’m talking about the 1989 Paul McCartney concert film Get Back.

Come back tomorrow to find out what happend on January 7, 1969.  I’ll give you a hint: a new song will develop before our eyes  ears.