Lemmy-based Rating System

Lemmy Kilmister is the bass-playing front man for Motorhead.  Although he is not the best at anything he does, he is pure rock and roll and an inspiration.  He isn’t the best bass player or singer. He isn’t the handsomest guy. Lots of people can write catchier songs. Other people even out-do him with the intimidating biker look. But if you take a seriously rocking bass player who with his own vocal and personal style, who can write memorable songs, often with interesting or wry lyrics, you get 100% badass nobody-like-him Lemmy Kilmister.

Whatever you are looking for in a writer, scientist, coder, humorist, musician you name it, Rock Dad is not the best. Nevertheless, I’m going to rock this blog. If Lemmy can be 100% badass, I can be 89%.

Rock Dad uses a zero through five system to rate whatever it is he blogs about. 

No Lemmys Worse than worthless.  Reserved for the lamest pseudo-science.  Karaoke night hosted by 101 Strings at the Flat Earth Society convention.
One Lemmy Some effort was made, but the research was bungled and the topic was pointless.  Not funny, either.
Two Lemmys Nice try, but still pretty lame. 
Three Lemmys Good job, but not truly rocking.  A cure for acne that works for 25% of the population. 
Four Lemmys Excellent, but not quite awesome.  You should be proud to get four Lemmys.
Five Lemmys Brilliant research that changes the world and totally rocks.

Image attribution: Mark Marek from Mark Marek Photography (Mark Merek’s website is 18+. Just so ya know.)

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