Rock and Roll Science is a blog about the intersection of science and music.  No, not the technology of music.  It’s about the awesomeness they share.  It’s about that “this kicks ass” feeling you get.

How is a great rock concert like the dinosaur room at a good natural history museum?  As you enter, you can tell you are about to have a very special experience–one you can’t have in  your normal life.  You are amazed by what you see and hear.  You feel small, but also part of something bigger.  Both your emotions and intellect are aroused.  You leave feeling drained, exhilirated, or both and maybe you have a different view of yourself or the world. 

And, really, the guys who thought up The Big Bang must have been Pink Floyd fans. 

(OK, George Lemaître died in 1966, so it’s unlikely he made it to one of their early shows.   Hyperbole is expected in rock, but not appropriate for science.)

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