Bruce Springsteen’s apology

I’m going to take a break from the Let It Be podcast to talk about Bruce Springsteen’s recent apology for creating a stripped-down Greatest Hits CD to be sold exclusively at Wal-Mart.

You can click the grey bar below to hear all about it. I’ll also include some clips from Bruce’s New CD, Working on a Dream in case you are too lazy haven’t made it to his website.

Here is the extra credit portion I mentioned in the podcast.  From the New York Times:

…Mr. Springsteen sees his career as its own community in the making, shared and constructed with his listeners. “It’s not just my creation at this point, and it hasn’t been really for a long time,” he said. “I wanted it to be our creation. Once you set that in motion, it’s a large community of people gathered around a core set of values.

“Within that there’s a wide range of beliefs, but still you do gather in one tent at a particular moment to have some common experience, and that’s why I go there too.”

Let’s look a little further at Springsteen manager Jon Landau’s quote in Billboard.

We’re letting Sony do its job making sure the record is well-presented in as many places as possible.”

He is saying is that the needed to make that exclusive hits collection to get Wal-Mart to pay enough attention to “the record,” which presumably is Working on a Dream.  The lyric book other stores had works the same way.  Record labels used to be able to buy shelf space and big displays.  Now they don’t have enough money to do that any more, so I guess they turn to these gimmicks.  A friend who works for a music store chain told me that they bring in a few hundred new CDs every week.  It would be easy for somebody, even The Boss, to get lost in a the shuffle. 

Here are those promised photos of the lyric book.

Lyric book and CDInside front coverLyric book insideInside back coverLyric book inside

I will be back with the Beatles stuff in a day or two.  Shine on.  Rock Dad out.

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