Beatles on January 26, 1969 podcast

Today we spend a lot of time with George. I share some of my thoughts about his role within the Beatles and many of the interesting audio moments today involve him. If you are a George fan, you definitely want to check out this podcast.

Has this series gotten you hooked on January 1969?  If  so, you really need the book Drugs, Divorce, and a Slipping Image by Doug Sulpy and RaySchweighardt.  This amazing book gets into much more detail than I can on this podcast.  It is now only $14.95, and you definitely need it if you are serious about this stuff.

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2 Responses

  1. That off-key harmony warbling at the end! Oh, my ears!

    And I’ve always liked that “Somewhere out in Weybridge” verse to “Let It Be.” Not for the lyric; there’s no way it fits with the song. But rather, for the insight into how McCartney could put words together on the fly to fit his melody until something better could come along.

  2. I guess those out-of-tune harmonies are the downside of Paul’s “live in the studio” concept. As we all know, Phil Spector covered them up.

    Good point about Paul’s lyric ability. Forno Juan left an interesting comment over on the podomatic site. “I think it proved that although the overall feeling of the sessions was a bit gloomy there were still moments when the guys would still goof around and laugh.”

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