Beatles on January 24, 1969 Podcast

I’m posting this with only 30 minutes to spare.  It’s still January 24 here at Chateau du Roc.  Today is notable because a song that has been giving the Beatles trouble all month finally clicks.  We also hear two new songs and further work on a song that would end up on Imagine. 

Although it isn’t in the podcast, there is a short skiffle session today.  I’ll share an oldies jam with you instead.  You already know “Maggie Mae,” but you might not have heard this.  John and Paul spit out whatever Chuck Berry lyrics they can think of while playing “Get Back.”  It’s this whole weird stream-of-consciousness thing.

The Beatles rehearsed on January 25, but there will be no podcast.   It is Mrs. Rock’s birthday.  I’m going to have to let myself get a day behind.  Don’t worry; you won’t miss anything.  All this will do is extend the series into February.

Click here to listen.

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