2 Moon myth debunked by religious person

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of talking to people about science in ways they can understand.  This writer’s focus is on Islam, not science, but he or she perfectly debunks a myth that has been going around the internet for five years: the myth that “this” August 27th, Mars will appear as large as the moon in the sky. 

In addition to explaining why it couldn’t possibly be true, the blog addresses a misunderstanding people may have of the Quran.  The post ends with a reminder that

It is a sin to spread news and rumors without verifying it first!

See what I mean?  Talk to the peeps in a way that works for them.

I will bypass the Lemmy rating system because I’m not sure this blogger would appreciate the association with a heavy metal musician.  Let’s just call it a great post and leave it at that.


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